Climate change and marauding camels

Trying to imagine what climate change will look like?

Think … Australia.

Think … Record bush fires. Record dust storms. Possible ghost cities (Perth’s water supply has dropped by two thirds, and they’re building carbon-dioxide-spewing desalination plants to make things “better”.) And now, herds of marauding camels:

The camels, which are not native to Australia but were introduced in the 1840s, have butted water tanks, approached houses to try to take water from air conditioning units and knocked down fencing at the small airport runway… The carcasses of camels killed in stampedes at water storage areas were contaminating the water supply…

Or skip to the LA Times: “What will global warming look like? Scientists point to Australia…


About David

I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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One Response to Climate change and marauding camels

  1. Nicola Robins says:

    You’d think we’d be collecting relief money, sending fact-finding missions, celebrating the small pockets of resilience that are seeking to learn. But somehow, to do that would be to acknowledge a degree of vulnerability we’d rather deny. At some point, the camels will seem graceful by comparison.

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