Meet the Climate Scientists

By Georgina Combes

Do you remember your dreams as a child of what you wanted to be when you grew up? When you still had such a curiousity for life and believed you could change the world?

The US-based Union of Concerned Scientists, (UCS) which began as a group of students and staff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the late 60s and is now an alliance of over 250,000 people from all walks of life including scientists, business people, parents and students, has launched a ‘Meet the Scientists’ national ad campaign to personalise and humanise the work of climate scientists by showcasing individuals and how they turned their childhood dreams and passions into science-based careers.

Using imagery with a retro feel, simple but powerful copy – Scientists are curious for life – and ways for the public to get involved, the campaign manages to make science more accessible and sound like fun! It’s a refreshing take on climate change communications.

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