Paul Gilding thinks there’s hope. Do you?

In his most recent blog post, Australian sustainability notable Paul Gilding writes optimistically that:

I think we have recently seen a number of developments that, taken together, indicate a profound shift is under way. When such a shift takes hold, it will rapidly accelerate – with significant implications for campaign and business strategy in this area over the years ahead.


The goal posts are also shifting in the science. An increasing number of scientists are coming to the view that the global CO2 target should be closer to 350ppm rather than 450ppm.


At a deeper level, [Sir Nicholas] Stern also lent his considerable intellectual weight to the debate on economic growth, stating what was previously heresy – that economic growth itself must now be questioned.

Gilding’s older post on how Australia is likely becoming the poster child for the unpleasant effects of climate change is also well worth a read: “It is, sadly, probably too late to save much of Australia”. Apparently, Australians are in steadfast denial about what’s happening to them. (Hey, we can do that denial thing too, we’re South African! We’ve got form.) In fact – I suggest you read the Australia post first, then come back to today’s. You’ll enjoy the rest of your day more that way. Particularly if you’re Australian. (So much for the chicken run.)


About David

I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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