3.6 GW of wind for SA?!

Since the introduction of the renewable-energy feed-in electricity tariff in April, the local power utility has received enquiries relating to connecting 3 000 MW of wind-generated power from the Western Cape and 600 MW from the Eastern Cape to the national power grid, reports the African Wind Energy Association (AfriWEA).
AfriWEA president Hermann Oelsner says that there are a number of large wind farms in North Africa, but that there has been little implementation of wind-power generation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. At present, South Africa has only one commercial wind farm with four turbines, each with 1,3-MW generation capacity.

From Engineering News. Wow, applications for 3 600 MW (3.6 GW) of wind, that’s huge! Eskom at present generates 40 GW in total. This is seriously good news if there is substance to these proposals.

But will Eskom help or hinder this?


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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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