“The effect of the post-Kyoto protocol agreement on South African businesses”

Gary Birch, a candidate atttorney at law firm Deneys Reitz, has written an article for Polity on the implications for business of agreements to be reached in Copenhagen in December, and beyond.

There is at present little doubt that an agreement will be reached. The only uncertainty is the shape or form the global agreement and the resulting legislation will take. The consequence is that South African companies are at present in the uncomfortable position of choosing whether to hold off making changes until the new legislation is implemented and play catch-up with those who have; or to start predicting the likely changes which are going to have to be implemented. In addition to this, international markets are becoming more environmentally conscious, affecting the expansion efforts of South African companies with large carbon footprints.


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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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