“EU: The spotlight is on China, India, South Africa and Brazil”

Lars-Erik Liljelund, special climate change adviser to the Swedish government, said cuts from richer countries in the 27-nation bloc or planned cuts in the United States will not be enough to meet aims to cut at least 25 percent of emission from 1990 levels.

“The problem at the moment is that if you take the contributions made so far by the United States, the European Union and Japan then we don’t come up to that minus 25 percent,” he told reporters. He said cuts from those richer countries and regions would only reach two-thirds of that minimum target.

“We will have serious problems if China, India, South Africa and Brazil” also do not pitch in, said Liljelund. “We are entering a climate crisis.”

Those countries were exempt under the 1997 Kyoto protocol climate change pact which runs out in 2012.

So, they’re the gigantic historical polluters, and we (the developing world) are going to suffer most as a consequence of their emissions but apparently we’re not doing enough yet. Well, we aren’t. But since they haven’t yet met their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, they’re not setting a terribly good example.

EU: The spotlight is on China, India, South Africa and Brazil – COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009.


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