“We are enriching ourselves to death”

Elections this week in South Africa, and I’ve published two articles surveying the policies of our different parties in respect of climate and sustainability, and suggesting some ways to think about a voting decision.

Environmental sustainability means focusing on equality, rather than the relentless pursuit of economic growth, writes DAVID LE PAGE

HUMAN-induced climate change, unless checked, will result in an environmental catastrophe in Africa and a series of crises, from food scarcity to economic collapse.

The International Monetary Fund and United Nations predict that climate change could cut food production in parts of Africa by 50% within a couple of decades.

SA’s leaders are realising that climate change is a terrifyingly immediate problem . But which political party best understands the crisis and has proposals to do something about it now?

More in The Weekender (Business Day)

And another article on the same subject, for Project 90×2030, a non-profit grassroots group encouraging people to form clubs to monitor and reduce personal carbon footprints.

Article for Project 90×2030


About David

I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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