“Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip”

This is a very powerful animation which explains exactly why action on climate change is even more urgent than has been thought till recently. It explains each of the climate mechanisms that will make climate change irreversible if global warming goes too far. It also explains that quite simply, what we need to do to deal with this crisis is: consume less.

If you like your animations to be carefully referenced with extensive links to relevant scientific papers, you can find them here.

(If you are a climate change sceptic, please bear in mind that fossil fuels are not infinite. We have to replace them at some point. Let’s do so now, and avoid taking any chances on climate change. If we’re wrong about climate change, all we will have done is built more sustainable economies slightly sooner than we might otherwise have needed to.)

The video is here, if you want


About David

I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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