Obama: $129bn for solar energy, hybrid cars and renewable energy

…while the US EPA drops its Bush-era climate change denialism

Barack Obama has announced quite a lot of money for renewable energy projects as part of his economic recovery plans: “We can remain the world’s leader of exporting foreign oil or become the leading exporter of renewable energy . . . We have known the right choice for a generation.”

Meanwhile, the US Environmental Protection Agency“US report ties human risk to climate change” is starting to live up to its name again.

So what about South Africa? Do we need a green recovery plan?


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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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2 Responses to Obama: $129bn for solar energy, hybrid cars and renewable energy

  1. Ami Kapilevich says:

    Well, that’s the big question, isn’t it: is sustainable development a hindrance to economic growth? it’s easy for most of us to reply in the negative. But when a subsistence farmer in the Eastern Cape is offered millions of rand for his erf by BHB, it’s not quite so simple, is it?

  2. David Le Page says:

    Hi Ami,

    Forgive me –- perhaps being a bit dense — I’m actually not clear about the point you’re making? (BHB Billiton?)

    I think it’s quite likely that in many instances sustainable development might indeed hinder economic growth – but that might not be a bad thing. Economic growth, as some of my other posts here have suggested, is sometimes good, but it depends on what is growing – if “financial services” are expanding crazily as they have over the last few years, but the health and education sectors are shrinking, we can still see overall economic growth without overall social benefit.

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